Architecture & Art Deco  
The Art deco style took hold in 1928, but really took off during the Dirty 30's! Its influence could be seen in everything from buildings, furniture, jewelry and artwork. The style was reflective of the scientific breakthroughs at the time, and the urge to move forward into the future by modernizing artistic styles and themes from the past.

The exotic styles that can be seen incorporated into the works include influences from ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome, the Far East, Africa, India and the Mayan & Aztec cultures. These were then merged with urban imagery of the machine age using such materials as plastics, chrome & aluminium.

The Art Deco movement started in 1925 during the Exposition Internationale des Arts Decoratifs held in Paris, France. The term Art deco wasn't coined until the mid 60s, at the time the movement was called "Modernistic" or "Style Moderne"

Because a picture is worth a thousand words here are examples of the Art Deco movement


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