Women's fashions in the Dirty 30s
Women's fashions in the 1930s were a stark contrast to the flapper look of the roaring 20s. Hemlines were lowered and evening outfits became more glamorous and sensual. Fabrics were draped and usually showed off the woman's back. Hollywood was the major contributor on the styles worn, as movie star endorsements of styles and accessories became common.

Other trends included women's sportswear became more masculine, hats were worn, but usually at an angle to the face and fur of all kinds was worn extensively during this era including coats, capes and accessories.  

Men's fashions in the Dirty 30s 
In the first part of the 30s, Suits were tailored in such a way to give the visual effect of a large torso, by squaring the shoulders of the jacket. The double breasted jacket also became popular in the early part of the 30s. After things started to look up with the economy the lines softened on the jackets. One thing didn't change, hats were mandatory for the well dressed male.

One thing that could not be helped but be noticed was the "gangster" influence of clothing, after all, the gangsters seemed to be the only ones being successful in the 30s. Their style became what was thought of for "Successful Businessman" 
Another interesting piece of fashion was the Zoot Suit. Born in Black Harlem's nightlife subculture the style eventually spread and became popular with segments of the Hispanic population (Pachucos). The suit has an exaggerated style with baggy pants, an oversized jacket, gold chains and a hat called a tando. 

Jazz entertainer Cab Calloway, wearing a zoot suit.

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