Tulsa History

1836 - The first settlers, a band of Creek Indians arrive from Alabama, Following the Trail of Tears

1879 - First Post Office was established, name of city changed from Tulsey Town to Tulsa

1901 - Sue Bland No.1 strikes oil at Red Fork

1905 - Glenn No. 1 strikes oil at Glen Pool, Tulsa Becomes "Oil Capitol" of the world

1921 - The Tulsa Race Riot occurred

1924 - The Cain's Ballroom is built

1936 - The average summer temperature was 105.3. The Arkansas River caught fire due to a lot of drift wood and no water.

1953 - The Golden Driller a 76-foot statue was erected for the International Petroleum Exposition.

1970 - Port of Catoosa Opened, linking Tulsa with the rest of the world via river navigation to the Mississippi River and the Gulf of Mexico.

1996 - Riots break out. The entire north side practically went up in flames, leaving skeleton buildings. Within one year boostergangs came in and all but took over. The police managed to gain some control bringing law back into the city except for the north side.

1997 - With the Meltdown of the middle east, Tulsa was able to re-establish itself as the "oil capital of the world", at least for a few years.

1998 - Drought of '98, Tulsa was one of the few cities that survived the drought with minimal damage.

2005 - Tulsa Gang Wars errupt on the north and west sides of town, Martial law is enacted but the TPD were to understaffed to be effective.

2006 - ORU property confiscated for tax fraud, aquired by investors and turned into Raptureland Amusement Park

2010 - North side of Tulsa beyond I-244 cut off from rest of the city with barricades, TPD stops patrols in the area.

2012 - Bioplague kills 1200. By the end of the plague, Over five thousand of the population were wiped out and another twenty-five percent fled to other cities, This threw the city into chaos. The Tulsa Zoo was also abandoned at this time as 85% of its inhabitants were infected and killed by the BioPlague

2017 - The gang the Wild Bunch makes their presence known by staging an elaborate bank holdup in downtown Tulsa, 5 people were killed, 24 injured and 500,000 euro was stolen.

Now - Tulsa has seen dramatic population growth with most of the people coming in from rural areas in Kansas, Arkansas, Missouri, and the eastern portion of Oklahoma. Tulsa (area) population is now aprox. 1,150,000


Golden Driller, Built in 1953 Cain's Ballroom, Built in 1924 Raptureland, Built in 2006


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