Law Enforcement

TPD - Tulsa Police
Tulsa's Police department consists of the finest men and women dedicated to the protection of the citizens of Tulsa, OK. Besides the standard units, the TPD also employs one of the areas finest CyberPsyco squads. The city makes sure each officer is equipped with the proper equipment to perform their job efficiently. There are several corporate sponsors of the TPD which helps remove some of the financial burden off of the city.

Enforcement Zones
In 2007 Malcolm Xavier, newly elected mayor, redefined Tulsa city proper as being anything within the boundaries of the creek turnpike, I-244 and HWY 75 . All territory outside of this boundary was not patrolled by the Tulsa police nor would they answer any calls. Instead they are to be patrolled by corporate security, or in the case of the north west section of town, not at all. All highways outside the city proper are patrolled by the highway patrol. All the highways are passable, but it is recommended that you travel armed.

TAS - Tulsa Airport Security
Even though the Airport is outside the prescribed Enforcement Zones it is one of the safest places in Tulsa. before 2010 The Tulsa Airport Complex has relied on FAA funds and manpower to protect it's interests. In 2010 in conjunction with TA a private security force has been in place. Security in and around the 15 square mile complex has become more effective and efficient. 

OTA - Oklahoma Turnpike Authority
Outside of Tulsa is the toll road system of Oklahoma. The Oklahoma toll roads are well patrolled, with heavily armed toll booths/attendants installed at each entrance. For more information please go here

Known Gang Activity (Combat Zones)
As with all cities, Gangs have flourished since 2000, It is one way that some groups of people can survive, urban nomads would be another appropriate name for some of these gangs. The rest however feed off of society. through violence intimidation or through extortion. All of the major gangs in Tulsa are listed here, but there are several more that are not listed, or even known about.

The Wild Bunch: the most violent of the gangs in Tulsa, their "territory" is located in the remains of the old Tulsa Zoo to the north of the airport, They are wanted by the TPD for murder, armed robbery & hijacking. They can be identified by the clothes they wear, which is always some sort of "cowboy" or western wear. TPD danger risk:10

The Johnnies, a loose organization of several gangs from the west side of Tulsa brought together under the rule of a person who goes only by the name of "Johnnie". It is believed to be a volatile mix and it is uncertain how long this arrangement will last, besides a red armband there are no identifying marks, TPD danger risk:8

The Ebony Blades, a militant gang that resides just north of Downtown. This area has been the poorest part of town for over 5 decades, which made it easy to initiate members. It is highly suggested to stay away from this area. They can be identified by the 12" blade they wear on their belts, TPD danger risk: 10 

Westside Warriors, being around in one form or another since the 1960s. they are now considered a biker gang, riding around on old Harley Davidson motorcycles. TPD danger risk: 9

River Rats, this is one of the few gangs that reside within the city limits. Their membership consists entirely of Juveniles. Mostly they are scavengers that have banded together in order to survive. One can find their homes built under the bridges next to the river on the west side of downtown. There are no identifying marks, TPD danger risk: 2

The Suits, the TPD is unsure about the motives of this gang, currently they have set themselves up as a psudo corporation, even though the Chamber of Commerce does not recognize them as such. They reside in the downtown corporate zone. They can be identified by the second hand corporate suits they wear. TPD danger risk: uncertain at this time

The Bel Aires, the TPD has issued a warning to those with newer and obvious cyberware concerning the Bel Aires. The core membership of this gang was formed about 10 years ago as cyberware was just becoming mainstream. They believe the newer cyberware will never be as good as the original. They can be identified by the older cyberware they possess, it will almost always look well maintained. TPD danger risk: 5

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