Oklahoma Turnpike Authority, A Para-military, law enforcement unit for the privately held and operated Oklahoma Turnpike system.

The only “civility” one will find outside of Tulsa and Oklahoma City (and to a lesser extent, Lawton and Muskogee) is the toll road system of Oklahoma. There was a time when people resented paying to use the roads, that was until the bandits started terrorizing the free roads. The Oklahoma toll roads are well patrolled, with heavily armed toll booths/attendants installed at each entrance.

The cost for this protection (prices are for the full length of the road, per axle, tolls are less for exits between points):


From To Price Hwy/Interstate Distance
Missouri border (Joplin) Tulsa 10eb I-44 116 miles/187km
Tulsa OKC 5eb I-44 106 miles/171km
Arkansas Border (Siloam Springs) Tulsa 10eb Hwy 412 85 miles/137km
Texas Border (Denison) McAlester 10eb Hwy 75 98 miles/158km
McAlester Tulsa 5eb Hwy 75 91 miles/146km
Texas Border (panhandle) OKC 10eb I-40 120 miles/193km
Texas Border (Wichita Falls) Lawton 5eb I-44 58 miles/93km
Lawton  OKC 5eb I-44 86 miles/138km
Tulsa Muskogee 5eb Hwy 51 50 miles/80km

A speed limit of 85 MPH is strictly enforced. 

Oklahoma towns that do not reside along the paths of these turnpikes have all but died, either because of the bio-plague, drought, bandits, poverty or a combination of the four. Towns that have direct access to the Turnpikes on the other hand are faring better.
Corp farmlands along the Turnpikes are allowed direct access to the roads for a monthly fee to the OTA.

Patrol Units:

The OTA patrols in groups of two, for a couple of reasons, the first and most important being backup with patrols running 20 minutes apart on each side the closest backup will be a maximum of 10 minutes away, however 10 minutes can seem like an eternity. The other reason is to break the monotony. Oklahoma toll roads are boring! even when they were originally built, they cut through farm land, now that land is mostly uninhabited wasteland. There are 45 units on patrol at any one time with each one patrolling their designated 20 mile stretch of highway.

Each OTA unit is supplied with 2 FN-RALs, 2 Colt AMT 2000s, 2 shotguns, medium armored jackets, and a patrol car. 

The patrol car used is a Ford/Hyundai Heavy Cruiser with a top speed of 195mph(314kph) and medium armor (12 SP) 

The personnel's combat training is equivalent to that of a well trained security guard, each is tested for driving skill and combat effectiveness. Other training includes skills that will help them "Protect and Serve" those that travel the Turnpikes, including first aid to help in medical emergencies, and basic tech for basic roadside assistance.

While on the turnpike, OTA units are supposed to stop for any vehicle sitting on the side of the road and administer any help that is required. Anything that can't be fixed on the spot will be called in and an OTA tow vehicle will remove the broken vehicle form the road and take it to the nearest authorized OTA repair facility, the tow is free, the repairs are not.

OTA Patrol Role:

Combat Driving
Handgun or Rifle (the other should be picked up)
Human Perception
Basic Tech
Brawling or Martial Arts (Boxing, Judo or Wrestling)
First Aid

OTA members have no authority outside of the turnpike system, as they are not recognized as true "law enforcement" personnel, though they are respected a little more than your standard "rent-a-cop"


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