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CombatCab - (918)555-1NOW - a full service Taxi service that services the entire Tulsa Metro area, They go where the police won't. 5eb a mile, Rates are triple in the Combat Zone

Kamikaze's Delivery - (918)555-FAST - Quickest delivery time in the Tulsa Metro Area, rates are 5eb a pound, x2 if going into a combat zone (roll 1d10 if a fumble, roll again 5-6=1d10 minutes late, 7-8 damaged goods, 9-10 never shows up!)

Malone's Employment Service - 3207 S Peoria, (918)555-9913 - When you need something unusual done you go to Malone. Haunted, Hunted, being followed, harassed, missing something, someone? Call Malone. He will match the right people for the job

Robodog Security - 3621 S Mingo, (918)555-3310 - Welcome to SECURITY in the 21 Century! Our "watchdogs" are the eyes, ears and defense of corporations everywhere! From a centralized location, your security force can sit back and watch as our "watchdogs" prowl the area. With sophisticated video, audio and other electronic devices, our "watchdogs" will keep your place of work safe from any intruders. And you can set the degree of ferocity of our "watchdogs" from subdue to kill...depending on what you want to do with any intruders.

SECURI-T-P - 5321 S Harvard, (918)555-0098 - For the ultimate in Home Defense! All possible entrances are wired and trapped for intruders, but the System is smart enough to know when you are crawling through the window because you locked your keys inside! services run 100 eb a month for police response, 250 eb for Securi-T-P's own private troops. Both have a one-time activation fee of 1500 eb. The Owner is the "Red Raider", a full-blooded Cherokee American and ex-TPD C-SWAT team member. (PsychoSquad)

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