CyberpunK in Cinema

Metropolis Cyberpunk didn't start in the 1980's, it started in 1926!
Outland 1981 film/novel, can be used in a " Deep Space" type game.
Prayer of the Rollerboys Gang of Juveniles making a living in the Dark Future.
WestWorld Cyberpunk theme park? A Cyberpunk 2020 Adventure.
CP Video List A listing of over 75 videos with Cyberpunk themes.
The Cinema can give many examples of what can be done in a Cyberpunk 2020 campaign, some films like Payback gives some great examples of the different roles in Cyberpunk 2020, but in and of itself is not a cyberpunk film. I will try and focus on the items in the films that I believe will be useful. Some may consist of entire campaign settings, like Metropolis, while others may only be useable as adventures within your current campaign, Like WestWorld or Outland.