Cyberpunk in Cinema Movie List

Movie TitleYearStarringPlot
Alien1979Sigourney Weaver

Tom Skerritt and Sigourney Weaver battle a horrendous creature that boards their spaceship and does great ugly
Alien 31992Sigourney Weaver
Charles Dance
Lt. Ripley crash lands on a prison planet and soon discovers an alien is aboard her craft. Mutilated bodies pile up, but this time she has no weapons to fight the creature.
Aliens1986Sigourney Weaver
Michael Biehn
After surviving her first encounter with the fearsome aliens, Ripley goes back to recover survivors and have some more mayhem with the monsters.
Altered States1980William Hurt
Drew Barrymore
sci-fi spectacle tells the incredible story of a research scientist who experiments with altered states of human consciousness
Avalon2001Malgorzata Foremniak
Wladyslaw Kowalski
In a future world, young people are increasingly becoming addicted to an illegal (and potentially deadly) battle simulation game called Avalon.
Barb Wire1996Pamela Anderson Lee
Temuera Morrison
tale of a futuristic bar owner who accepts mercenary jobs on the side in the only non-dictator-controlled city in the nation. This high-tech thriller, based on a popular underground comic book
Black Moon Rising1986Tommy Lee Jones
Linda Hamilton
Quint, has hidden a computer disc containing vital evidence in a sleek race car, Black Moon. The car is stolen by Nina, the sultry leader of a sophisticated car theft ring. A covert government agent, puts pressure on Quint to find the disc.
Blade Runner1982Harrison Ford
Rutger Hauer
Daryl Hannah
Harrison Ford is a cop in future L.A., where he tracks down replicants passing as people and tries to kill them for fitting in.
Blood of Heroes1989Rutger Hauer
Joan Chen
In the futuristic sport of jugging, the way to victory is to maim and kill. A winning jugger team leader takes on a promising female apprentice and prepares for the final match against the team that expelled him years earlier.
Brazil1984Jonathan Pryce
Robert De Niro
In a nightmarish futureworld, a man's life is ruined when the all-powerful but none-too-efficient bureaucracy confuses him with a miscreant
Cherry 20001988Melanie Griffith
David Andrews
The year is 2017, romance is a thing of the past having been replaced by robotic playmates. When Sam's Cherry 2000 Robot short circuits, he enlists the help of a woman tracker to help him find the scarce parts to resurrect her.
Code Hunter2002Nick Cornish
Adrian Paul
Vanessa Marcil
America's best player is being pulled in to the ultimate cyber-terror. The game's AI has put him on the FBI's Most Wanted List, and is blackmailing him to take a part in a twisted plan of world destruction.
Cube1997Nicole deBoer
David Hewlett
Wayne Robson
Four people end up in a world created by Salvador Dali or M.C. Escher and need to contrive a way out before they kill each other in spasms of paranoia.
Cyber Bandits1995Martin Kemp
Adam Ant
Grace Jones
When a navigator is forced to transport vital data in a tattoo on his back, everyone wants his hide in this futuristic thriller
Cyber Seeker1995

In 2020 the Earth wallows in the clutches of viruses which have destroyed or altered nearly the entire population. A surviving ranger uncovers a plot to destroy New Los Angeles with bacteria
Cybercity1999C. Thomas Howell
Roddy Piper
David Carradine
After being driven into underground cities, various cults have risen up to "win" souls with the assistance of assassins called shepherds.
Cyborg1989Jean-Claude Van Damme
Vincent Klyn
The America of the future is a wasteland of anarchy and incurable disease
Deadlock1991Rutger Hauer
Mimi Rogers
Camp Holiday is a prison of the future. Each inmate has a "Wedlock" collar that matches the collar of another inmate, but no one knows their partner.
Death Machine1995Brad Dourif
Ely Pouget
In the year 2003, the new head of a weapons plant provokes the ire of the company's most brilliant scientist by cancelling his secret project and firing him. Now he's unleashing his fear-sensing killing machine and it's trained directly on her.
Deathrace 20001975Sylvester Stallone
David Carradine
Outrageous tongue-in-cheek action film about futuristic society where no-holds-barred auto race is the national sport, and points scored by running down pedestrians
Demolition Man1993Sylvester Stallone
Wesley Snipes
Sandra Bullock
San Angeles, a megalopolis stretching from Santa Barbara to San Diego, is the futuristic utopia of the politically correct. John Spartan, a 20th century cop revived to chase down a 20th century terrorist on the loose in this sterile paradise.
Escape from LA1996Kurt Russell
Stacy Keach
Bruce Campbell
Kurt Russell travels to the futuristic penal colony that L.A. becomes and cracks wise as he kills lots of people
Escape from NY1981Kurt Russell
Ernest Borgnine
Snake Plissken has 24 hours to rescue the President from New York, which has been converted into a massive prison to accommodate the millions of deviants throughout the US.
Feardotcom2002Stephen Dorff
Natascha McElhone
Cyberhorror. A police detective joins with DoH researcher to find the answers behind the deaths of four people who died 48 hours after logging on to the Internet site
Freejack1992Emilio Estevez
Mick Jagger
Rene Russo
In 2009, the world is polluted, the hole in the Ozone layer and the financial gulf between society's "haves" and "have nots" is so large that the rich must search the past to find healthy young bodies to replace their own.
Future Sport1997Wesley Snipes
Dean Cain
In this futuristic drama, a combination of rollerblading and skateboarding is the most popular sport, and one of its top stars must use his athletic skills to save the world from terrorists.
Futureworld1976Yul Brynner
Peter Fonda
a fantasy future where everyone can have a robot servant/ friend/lover (for a price). Naturally the robots try to take over.
Hardware1990Dylan Mcdermott
Stacy Travis
Iggy Pop
Sometime in the future, a man picks up some pieces of an android for his metal sculpting girlfriend. The android was once a machine designed to destroy humans. In the night it reassembles itself and resumes its mission in this politically pretentious film
Harley Davidson & the Marlboro Man1991Mickey Rourke
Don Johnson
Daniel Baldwin
A lawless world of two renegades who rob a bank to help save their friend and favorite hangout, which is about to be repossessed. When they learn they stole drugs instead of money, they find themselves fighting the corp who owned the drugs.
I, Robot2004Will Smith
Bridget Moynahan
In the year 2035 a techno-phobic cop investigates a crime that may have been perpetrated by a robot, which leads to a larger threat to humanity.
Johnny 2.01997Jeff Fahey
Michael Ironside
John Neville
A scientist becomes a target of the ruthless corporation where he perfected human cloning
Johnny Mnemonic1995Keanu Reeves
Dolph Lundgren
Keanu Reeves plays a messenger in the future who's brain uploaded scads of data that people want to kill him for in this movie directed by artist Robert Longo.
Judge Dredd1995Sylvester Stallone
Armand Assante
Loud, ugly adaptation of the comic book set in a future world of urban chaos where new-age police are empowered to ``judge''--and kill, if need be--on the spot
Lawnmower Man 2: Beyond Cyberspace1996Patrick Bergin
Matt Frewer
a madman at the helm of an about-to-be-launched virtual-reality network hopes to use it to control the world
Mad Max1979Mel Gibson
Joanne Samuel
Mad Max, the brutal avenger in a grubby desert where he tracks and whacks the bikers who killed his family
Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome1985Mel Gibson
Tina Turner
Bruce Spence
In this third installment in the "Mad Max" series, Max battles the crafty ruler of Bartertown, Aunty Entity (Tina Turner).
Mad Max: The Road Warrior1981Mel Gibson
Bruce Spence
In post-apocalyptic Australia, a former highway cop sides with an oil-producing community against sadistic nomads
Menno's Mind1996Bill Campbell
Corbin Bernsen
Stephanie Romanov
Menno is a computer programmer at The Resort, an enormous funhouse where people can live out their fantasies in virtual reality?but not is all that it seems
Metropolis1926Brigitte Helm
Alfred Abel
In a futuristic time and place, an above-ground city of lightness, culture and respectability is kept going only by the enslaved proletariat laboring beneath in the underground city; a nightmarish, cruel and dark place. (B/W, Silent)
New Crime City - Los Angeles 20201994Sherrie Rose
Rick Rossovich
Stacey Keach
A convicted felon is executed and then revived and offered a choice--go into the most violent prison in the world to steal a biomedical weapon or face death again... And again...And again
New Rose Hotel1999Christopher Walken
Willem Dafoe
Two industrial spies await reprisal after their plan to lure a Japanese scientist away from a rival company backfires
New World Disorder1999Rutger Hauer
Andrew McCarthy
Cyber -thriller. An old-fashioned homicide detective gets a crash course on the bits and bytes of the computer criminal world.
Nirvana1997Christopher Lambert
Diego Abatantuono
A game designer agrees to destroy a new virtual-reality program after one of its characters becomes sentient
No Escape1994Ray Liotta
Lance Henriksen
In a bleak future, a Marine Captain is sentenced to a remote prison island on which two factions of prisoners, one of builders and the other of looters, are at war. While the looters plot a final attack, the Captain searches for a means of escape
Omega Doom1996Rutger Hauer
Anna Katarina
a picaresque cybernetic hero happens upon a mini-civilization amidst the torched remains of a theme park. Warring factions vie for control of the area's resources.
Outland1981Sean Connery
Peter Boyle
A federal marshal on an outer-space mining colony uncovers a hideous secret that threatens the sanity of miners working in the depths of an outer planet.
Overdrawn at the Memory Bank1985Raul Julia
Linda Griffiths
The mind of a computer programmer is removed by a totalitarian government and accidentally put into a virtual reality simulation.
Postman1997Kevin Costner
Tom Petty
Will Patton
a post-apocalyptic loner defeats the armies of darkness after re-uniting America by delivering the mail
Prayer of the Rollerboys1991Corey Haim
Patricia Arquette
Los Angeles, sometime in the near future. The economy is bankrupt and the city has been overwhelmed by violence, drugs and gang warfare. Out of the chaos arises a para-military gang of young toughs on rollerblades with their own violent final solution.
Redline1997Rutger Hauer
Mark Dacascos
After he is brought back to life, a smuggler scours Moscow for the former business partner who killed him
Repo Man1984Emilio Estevez
Harry Dean Stanton
A young Los Angeles punker becomes the protege of a crusty car repossessor and soon matches his mentor in skill. They compete for a bizarre repo prize - a '64 Chevy Malibu driven by a lobotomized nuclear scientist.
Robocop1987Peter Weller
Nancy Allen
Crime-ridden cities of the future are policed by private companies that use half robots like Peter Weller to keep the scum in line.
Robocop 21990Peter Weller
Nancy Allen
The cyborg Robocop is back to rid Detroit of the menace of a designer drug, Nuke. The company that produced him has designed another cyborg using his brain as a model.
Robocop 31993Robert John Burke
Nancy Allen
The big bad company has bought Detroit out and sends gangs of ruthless mercenaries out into the streets to throw residents out of their homes.
Rollerball1975James Caan

Violence and crime have been totally eliminated from society and given outlet in the brutal blood sport of rollerball, a high-velocity sport sponsored by multinational corporations that now control the world following the collapse of traditional politics
Runaway1984Tom Selleck
Cynthia Rhodes
Gene Simmons
A tough cop is assigned the dangerous task of discovering who is responsible for a rash of killings perpetrated by robots.
Running Man1987Arnold Schwarzenegger
Jesse Ventura
Richard Dawson
It's another bleak future in Los Angeles, and Arnold plays an accused mass murderer who can go free if he can make it through a death-dealing obstacle course.
Silent running1972Bruce Dern

Space-age (2008) ecology tale of botanist's fight on space station to keep Earth's final vegetation samples from being destroyed.
Sixth Day2000Arnold Schwarzenegger
Robert Duvall
In Tomorrowland, cloning pets is cool, but humans are off-limits--though some bad folks do it on the sly.
Soylent Green1973Charlton Heston
Edward G. Robinson
In the year 2022, Manhattan has become an overcrowded hellhole; cop Heston, investigating murder of bigwig, stumbles onto explosive government secret
Split Second1992Rutger Hauer
Kim Cattrall
The year is 2008 and London is in the midst of ecological disaster. A killer is on the loose stalking innocent people and Harley Stone, a cop living on the edge, vows to track him down after he brutally murdered his partner, and left Stone for dead
Strange Days1995Ralph Fiennes
Angela Bassett
Virtual-reality experiences replace drugs in this cyberian look at the near future, and pushers and junkies provide crime-thriller fodder.
Tank Girl1995Lori Petty
Iggy Pop
In the year 2033, an evil dictator hoards water in the Australian desert until a spunky, punky girl steals a tank and joins up with an army of mutant kangaroo men to restore justice.
Terminator1984Arnold Schwarzenegger
Michael Biehn
Linda Hamilton
Because of her significance to world history, a special mom is marked for death by a cyborg sent back from the future.
Terminator 2: Judgement Day1991Arnold Schwarzenegger
Linda Hamilton
Robert Patrick
A buffed-out Linda Hamilton and her son aren't safe from those pesky cyborgs from the future until the Terminator comes to the rescue.
The Cell2000Jennifer Lopez
Colton James
Enter The Mind Of A Killer? A psychotherapist journeys inside a comatose serial killer in the hopes of saving his latest victim.
The Lawnmower Man1992Jeff Fahey
Pierce Brosnan
A not-very-bright yard guy is transformed by a genius into an evil spirit.
The Matrix1999Keanu Reeves
Laurence Fishburne
Carrie-Anne Moss
A computer hacker discovers that life on earth is just a facade created by evil cyberintelligence (aka "the Matrix"), so he joins a resistance movement to save humanity
The Net1995Sandra Bullock
Jeremy Northam
Angela Bennett's a software engineer type who works from home and has few friends outside of cyberspace. Taking her first vacation in years she becomes embroiled in a web of computer espionage.
Thirteenth Floor1999Craig Bierko
Armin Mueller-Stahl
The reality of computer-simulated universes materializes on a 13th floor that doesn't exist. Craig Bierko is accused of murdering his boss, Armin Mueller-Stahl, and he must enter through the 13th floor to find the truth
Total Recall1990Arnold Schwarzenegger
Sharon Stone
Michael Ironside
Arnold Schwarzenegger's the future construction worker who signs up for a virtual adventure vacation and then finds himself killing space spies on Mars
Tron1982Jeff Bridges
Bruce Boxleitner
When you're playing a video game and slip inside the box, you just gotta play your tail off.
Videodrome1983James Woods
Deborah Harry
After a cable TV programmer adds a strange new show called "Videodrome" to the network's line-up, bizarre events begin to occur.
Virtual Assassin1995Michael Dudikoff
Suki Kaiser
After developing a virus that will inoculate the Internet, a cyber-scientist and her father become the targets of a gang of murderous, high-tech bandits.
Virtuosity1995Denzel Washington
Russell Crowe
Kelly Lynch
an imprisoned ex-cop is given one last shot at redemption when he's turned loose to track down a virtual killer who has escaped the confines of cyberspace.
Virus1999Jamie Lee Curtis
William Baldwin
Donald Sutherland
An unfortunate tugboat crew discovers an unfriendly alien virus on a Russian vessel.
Waterworld1995Kevin Costner
Dennis Hopper
Jeanne Tripplehorn
A future where the ice caps have melted, making the planet a landless ocean. To their credit, mankind has survived, in limited numbers, on man-made atolls and on various boats and ships.
Webmaster1999Lars Bom
Puk Scharbau
Set in the future, in a world run by artificial intelligence, a young hacker is given 35 hours to track down and terminate an intruder who he has never met. If he can't find them in the cyber empire, he will be terminated himself.
Westworld1973Yul Brynner
James Brolin
A fantasyland of life-like robotic cowboys would have provided a great vacation if they hadn't started shooting for real

Cyberpunk in Cinema