What Kind of Edgerunner Are You?

1. You're the kind of Person who likes to...
Be on the front line!
Offer up support
Sneak around in the shadows!

2. Are you Female?
Every ounce a woman!
All Male Here!
None of your Damn Business!

3. Whats your idea of a good time?
A night on the town!
A night shooting up the town!
A weekend away from the city!
An evening working on a hobby!
A nice quiet evening at home

4. You prefer to settle an argument...
By hiring someone to settle it for you
By trashing your enemy's reputation
By trashing your enemy's credit rating
With a couple of friends, some knives, and a quiet street
With bullets
With physical proof that you were right

5. You do business...
At a 35th floor office with an overview of the city
In the Toxic Times bar, 3rd booth on the left with a view of the door
At any cybercafe with good mocha cappucino
On the street, wherever the action is
In your home lab or shop
On a secure line where there are no prying eyes or ears

6. Your home is...
Safe, secure and paid for by your employer
Safe, secure, and paid for by yourself
Wherever you stop for the night
An upscale hotel in the corp zone, this week
Probably being broken into at the moment

7. Happiness is...
A warm gun
A fast car
A phonebook full of connections
A new electronic toy

8. Metal or Meat?
Definitally Metal!
In the Flesh and loving it!

9. You are comfortable wearing...
A kevlar t-shirt and Militech armored vest
Nakamichi grey pinstriped wool suit, spring collection 2021
Glitter spandex and a light tattoo
Synthleathers and a good pair of neohyde boots
Non-reflective black with nightvision goggles
Mirrorshades and jeans

10. What kind of vechicle do you drive?
Sporty, Stylish and to be traded in when it no longer is in style
Big and Mean, with Horsepower to spare
Roomie, Cargo up the Wazoo, and no windows in the back to look into
Nondescript, Black Sedan, somewhat beat up

11. At an accident scene you...
Turn on the camera and start filming
Stop to offer help
Check for a pulse, then a wallet
Keep walking, it's not your problem
Look to see if it is anyone you know
Look to see if it's anyone you put a contract on
Are pretty sure that can be fixed with the right equipment

12. Your implants of choice would be...
Biotechnica designer eyes and a Wearman
A smartgun link and skinweave
Voice synthesizer and minicam
Cybermodem and digital recorder
a toolhand and micro-optics
Times Square marquee and a memory chip
Rippers and boosterware

13. And your Gun of choice?
Big, intimidating, and can back up it's claims!
Big, intimidating, with a recoil that can be handled by the average person.
Something that won't crease the suit!
Reliable Like Rock!!!
One thats concealable.

14. Drugs?
Oh Hell Yeah!
Only if they enhance my performance
For "medical" reasons only
Just say No!

15. On your hands is...
nothing, my hands are clean!

16. And finally, do you get a paycheck?
I write my own paycheck!
I get a regular paycheck
I'm "Self Employed"!


Special Thanks to Jana Wang and Ray for help and inspiration!