Gathered below is a small collection of text documents written by our beloved father of Cyberpunk, William Gibson

Disney Land with the Death Penalty (Wired 1.4 article) [1993] 29138 byte text document (Originally published in Wired Magazine, offering up a futuristic view of Singapore)

Neuromancer (Screenplay) [1990] 171037 byte text document (written for the Cabana Boys Productions. The rights to the characters were held by Cabana Boys Productions while Johnny Mnemonic was being filmed, explaining the exclusion of Molly from the "Sprawl" series)

AGRIPPA (A Book of The Dead) [1992] 10865 byte text document (Originally distributed on computer diskette with a decrypting program that destroyed the text after it was read, this is a poem about Williams Father)

Aliens 3 (Screenplay) [1993] 32768 byte text document (Rejected movie script for Aliens 3, the only part that remained from this script was the part with the prisoners having bar codes tattooed to their heads.)

Kill Switch (X-Files Television Episode - Full Summary) [1998] 5729 byte text document

"I was writing things that I thought would bug the science-fiction community to no end. I was expected to be roundly ignored."
        - William Gibson

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