What is "Prayer of the Rollerboys"?

Released in 1991, Prayer of the Rollerboys is a film about your typical rollerblading, trench-coat wearing, drug manufacturing & dealing, para-military, white supremacist teenagers who are bent on world domination! The movie takes place in the dark future after "the great crash" where the homeless are subjected to camps, the economy is in the crapper, and Japan is dismantling various pieces of Americana and having it shipped overseas, news reports indicate they have reconstructed Harvard University, the last of the Ivy League schools over in Hiroshima, Japan. 

Who are The Rollerboys?

"If you are such a good skater, why aren't you a rollerboy" - Casey

Lead by Gary Lee, the Rollerboys manufacture and distribute an inhaled drug called Myst. Besides making the user high it has one planned side effect, which is to make the user sterile. The overall plan is to eliminate the "weak" elements of society so that the Rollerboys and those of superior makeup can take over. The time when that happens is referred to "The Day of the Rope", meaning "if you give them enough rope, they will hang themselves."

The Rollerboys are a force to recon with in the financial world as well. It seems Gary Lee is a financial genius and is intent on taking America back. Under his umbrella the Rollerboys own a freight yard, they are in a joint venture with a power plant, have many business ventures (protection racket), real estate (Myst houses) and other mundane investments. The Myst business is good, and the Rollerboys have the monopoly.

Gary Lee - Leader and founder of the rollerboys

"We are the new generation, we are the remedy" - Gary Lee

Gary Lee was raised in a homeless camp, which is where he began his recruitment of the Rollerboys. He targets white males between the ages of 10 and 21 promising them a new family and being that his audience are children stuck in homeless camps without parents it is an easy sell. He Talks about "the day of the rope" and how "alien races foreclosed" on the nation. 

INT 9, REF 7, TECH 8, COOL 10, ATTR 8, LUCK 9, MA 7, BODY 7, EMP 5

Role: Gang Leader
Charismatic Leadership 7, Awareness/Notice 6, Streetwise 6, Brawling 3,
Intimidate 5, Human Perception 5, SMG 3, Stealth 2, Melee 4, Persuasion 9
Pharmaceuticals 4, Skate 7, Accounting 6, Education 4, Stock Market 6

Rollerboy Role

Gang Rank 
Handgun or SMG
Expert: Local gang signs, colors, and turf.

Skate*: pertains to any wheeled apparatus that is ridden on or attaches to the feet of its user that is NOT powered by anything other than the body (rollerskates, rollerblades, skateboards, etc.). The higher the skill the more you can do with these items. At level three you can perform basic stunts, at level 5 you can compete in a skate park competition, at level nine you are Tony Hawk's equal. 

For every point of Skate, add 1 to the characters base MA (on a flat even surfaces only). In the right conditions (downhill on smooth surface) speeds of over 50 mph are possible however injury at that speed is a real possibility. 

If a crash happens (failing a roll by 5 points or more) roll for location of body impact, then roll 1d6 per 10 mph achieved. Protective Skating Gear reduces this damage to 1d6-3 per 10mph MINUS the Skate skill. 

Example: Zack has a Skate of 6, he attempts to perform a jump with his rollerblades, but fails his roll. He was doing 40mph, but was wearing protective gear, he rolls a 24 on the 4 dice, he subtracts out 12 for wearing the proper protection (-3 points per 10mph) and another 6 points for his skill. He ends up taking 6 points to his arm. Zack's scuffed up, but at least he didn't break anything!

Typical RollerBoy:

Gang Rank 2, Awareness/Notice 4, Handgun or SMG 4, 
Brawling 5, Intimidate 4, Streetwise 5, Expert: Local gang signs, colors, and turf. 3, Skate 5, Melee 4, Pharmaceuticals 3

NOTE: a rank of 5 or better is required to work the "Kitchen"

Most Rollerboys travel together in groups of 5 or more and where possible skate in a "V" formation. If a fight ensues they swarm around their opponents hitting their opponents with various melee weapons including chains, crowbars, bats, and knives. 

In gang warfare, their mode of attack is glide in under the cover of darkness, invade the enemy's camp, blast away with SMGs and then leave.

The Rollerboys can be identified, not only by the mode of transportation they employ but also by the long white armored coats (10SP) they wear over black collerless shirts and white pants.


"A Little bit of white, a little bit of yellow and a little bit of blue" - Bango

An inhaled drug that causes the user to be at ease, making him content to pass the day away in a stupor. It was originally designed by the Chinese government as a way to pacify its masses. Gary Lee has added a new ingredient to the mix which causes the side effect mentioned previously, it causes the user to become sterile in a short period of time. The drug is taken via an inhaling mask and canister, mostly because they are cheap to come by.

Drug Effects:

Untimed Side Effects:
Highly Physiologically Addictive
Strength: +3
Difficulty: 35
Duration: Medium
  (1d6x10 minutes)
Legality: Type A Illegal
Drug Form: Inhaled
Time to Effect: 1d5 turns
Purchase Price: 20

The Drug is produced in Myst houses. The police cannot gather any proof of their existence because the drugs and manufacturing apparatus' are flushed with acid. Gary Lee has developed a new prototype Myst house however that is mobile, one man per shift, 3 shifts a day, 7 days a week, if successful, he will have 20 more produced just like it. the Myst dealers come to the "kitchen" drop off the cash from Myst sales and pick up a new supply. most of the Rollerboys Myst dealers are children between the ages of 10-15. 

Other Factions:
Los Angeles Police
- Overworked and underpaid, these people hired to "protect and serve" usually end up distributing their own justice when it comes to gang members. Most are good cops, but there are some who are in for the lucky break, the chance to break up a Myst House and collect the cash or the goods inside.

B-13ers - a gang directly opposed to Gary Lee's way of thinking, they are also born out of the squalor in the bankrupt Los Angeles, but are composed of Hispanics & Blacks (as well as some whites). This gang operates as most other gangs, dealing drugs, B&E, muggings, etc. they are identified by the insignia on the back of their jackets, a red box boarder around a skull wearing a beret with B-13 printed on the front.

Rick King 

W. Peter Iliff


Corey Haim - Griffin
Patricia Arquette - Casey
Christopher Collet - Gary Lee
Julius Harris - Speedbagger

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