The Many Uses of LUCK!

Next to Attr, the second most overlooked stat is luck. Oh sure, it comes in handy when you need to add a little more to a die roll, but that is it, `cause there ain't no skills based off of it. My suggestion is that before a game starts, the players roll a d10 under their luck if successful, nothing out of the ordinary happened in their off time, if they fail however, they may have caught the flu, been in a car accident, cut a finger (thier trigger finger of course), or something else, not world shattering, but annoying never-the-less.

Die Roll: Event:
1 Character catches a cold, or minor bout with the flu. Runner will be at a -1 Body for the game.(for strength purposes i.e., damage lifting etc. NOT for BTM))
2 Auto accident nothing real major, car was totaled though. If character owns vehicle roll a d10 1-4 it was his. Runner will be stiff and sore for a while, -1 REF
3 Person or Possesion that runner values most is missing, stolen, broken, kidnapped, killed or other. Runner will be sidetracked and in a bad mood, -1 all skills
4 One of the runners enemies will show back up in their life, at a really inconvienient time.
5 The edgerunner has an accident he trips or falls, causing 1d6 wounds (no btm).
6 Wrongfully accused of a crime, character will need to be looking over his back.
7 Computer screwup, says bill wasn't paid, collector is calling at all hours of the night, Runner will be distracted and annoyed -1 to Int and Tech based skills until resolved
8 Pickpocket steals all onhand cash that the edgerunner is carrying
9 an ex-lover shows back up, at a very inconveinient time
10 A random piece of Cyberware goes bad, the techies cant figure it out, better get it replaced, if no cyberware, then substitute a weapon.

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