JavaScript Utilities 
These Utilities are free to use, copy and download.
These are Copyrighted, so be sure to give credit where credit is due, k?

Ocelot's Drug Lab v.3.0 (JavaScript version 3.3.1)
Cost Of Living (JavaScript version 1.4.1)
Programming 101 (JavaScript version 3.0.1)
Roadstriker 2 (JavaScript version 1.2)
FNFF (Friday Night Firefight) (javascript version 1.1)
Dataterm, General Database (From Night City pg 182) (JavaScript version 1.0)
Flipper is Dead Handgun Creator (JavaScript version 1.21)
Flipper is Dead Rifle Creator (JavaScript version 1.1)
World Famous Humanity Test - Automated!!!
 (JavaScript version 1)
What kind of Edgerunner are you?

Cyberpunk Downloads
BORG Character Sheet Front Back
* to print, you will need to set your margins to: ".25 side, ".150 top, ".50 bottom & NO header or footer
Cyber3.2 -- A character generator for the CyperPunk RPG. includes Lifepath (DOS)
Cyber3.3 -- A character generator for the CyperPunk RPG. includes Lifepath & source code(DOS)
CPNPC -- NPC generator for Cyberpunk 2020 version 1.1 (DOS - command line)
Cyberpunk (R) NPC/Expendable Creator 1.0 (DOS)
Cybnpc - for both 2013 and 2020 versions of Cyberpunk (DOS - g.u.i.)
Cyberpunk NPC Generator (Windows)
CyberPunk 2020 Non-Player Character Random Generator Version 3.10 (DOS -g.u.i.)
Cyberpunk Fast and Dirty Character Generator (DOS - g.u.i.)
Cyberpunk 2020 Lifepath Generator by Luke Twigger
Autofire Calculator for Cyberpunk 2020 by Luke Twigger
FNFF Friday Night Fire Fight (Windows)
Cyberhelper 2020 V2.0 by Alexander J. Russell and Bruce S. Miller (DOS)
     by the creators of the GameSmith Library!, html character sheet!
city209695.exe cool screensaver from Samsung electronics. It's 2096 AD and the future city is enormous. Aircrafts are an everyday necessity in the future and aircrafts fly the skies of the megalopolis filled with huge skyscrapers. (Windows)
Cyberpunk 2020 ScreenSaver -- International covers of Cyberpunk Supplements (Windows)