Cyberpunk Cost of Living Calculator

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GMs, does it seem like your players dont have anything better to spend their "hard earned" euro on? Well with the following form we allow your PCs to spend their money on LIFE!

Salary (per month): Use Taxes?
- Taxes: Tax Rate: %
"Take Home Pay":  

* Taxes are figured on ALL taxes levied on the Edgerunners: Income, Sales, Corporate, Luxury, Transport, etc...

Housing: (All housing starts with a living area, a bathroom and a kitchenette)
(select all that apply) Housing Cost Total (includes utilities):
Bedroom #1 Bathroom #2 Dining Room
Bedroom #2 Bathroom #3 Den
Bedroom #3 1/2 Bath Office

( a person will not eat kibble on a regular basis unless absolutly necessary)

(select all that apply) Lifestyle Cost Total:
Cell Phone Service Standard Phone Service Cred Chip Account
Health Plan Trauma Team Account Cable TV
Internet Service Screamsheet Subscription Misc:


Insurance Type:
(Full Coverage is required for ALL financed
vehicles, failure to do so will result in vehicle
confiscation by lending party.)

Auto Loan - Payment Calculator
Sales Price
Down Payment/Trade Equity
Amount Financed
Annual Interest Rate (2.9% - 21%) %
Number of Months
Monthly Payment Amount

Spending Money:

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