Dataterm Utilities, General Database

Java scripting by Night Flyer (version 1.0)

Select all that is appropriate to determine if a Dataterm (or a Fixer) actually has the information that the edgerunner is looking for.
(Calculations derived from Night City Sourcebook pg 182)

1) Has this information been published? 4) Is this public knowledge?
1a) How many times? (enter number) 5) Is the information secret, covert or related to something illegal?
2) Is this:
Corporate Information?
Underworld Information?
Military Information?
Government Information?
Foreign information?
6) Is this information related to a known public figure?
6a) How important or well known is the person?
     ***(6a is ignored if 6 isnt checked)***
Not very important (guy on the street)
Marginally important (local personality, minor media,official)
Important (City/State official, media personality)
Very Important (world leader or megacorporate head)
3) How long ago did this information take place?
Within a week
Within a month
Within 6 months
Within a year
Within 5 years
Within 10 years
Within a decade

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7) Where did this information originate?
In the same state
In the same country
In a major country
In a minor or obscure country
8) Chance to find out information: %