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Drug Effect:

Antibiotic Antidote
Attribute Increase #1 Attribute Increase #2 Attribute Increase #3
Contraceptive Enhanced Perception Hallucionogen
Increased Endurance Pain Negation Stun Reducer
Anticoagulant Aphrodisiac Coagulant
Depressant Euphoric Hypnotic
Increased Healing Rate Soporific

Drug Feature:

Lessened Withdrawl Symptoms Timed Duration Longer Duration

Untimed Side Effect:

Addiction Tolerance Carcinogenic Cardiac Arrest
Coma Death Genetic Damage
Nerve Degradation NightMares Permenant Sense Loss
Slightly Physiologically Addictive Mildly Physiologically Addictive Highly Physiologically Addictive
Slightly Psychologically Addictive Mildly Psychologically Addictive Highly Psychologically Addictive
Possible Attribute Loss Severe Withdrawal Symptoms Sterility

Timed Side Effect:

Acne Aggressive Behaviour Bad Breath
Bloodshot Eyes Cold Sweats Constipation
Cowardice Dandruff/Eczema Dehydration
Delusions Depression Diarrhea
Difficult Respiration Diuretic Dizziness
Easily Bruised Excessive Salivation Flatulence
Hair Loss Hallucinations Headaches
Heartburn/Acid Indigestion Hives Impotence/Frigidity
Internal Bleeding Irrational Fear Itchy
Kidney/Liver Failure Lack of Concentration Light Sensitivity
Loss of Appetite Loss of Inhibition Memory Loss
Nausea Numbness Numbness (total)
Paralysis Paranoia Psychotic Rage
Reduced Attribute #1 Reduced Attribute #2 Reduced Attribute #3
Reduced Awareness Ringing in Ears Runny Nose
Sense Reduction Sexual Arousal Sleepy
Strange Skin Pallor Suicidal Tendencies Technicolor Excretia
The Munchies Tremors Water Retention
Weight Gain


Drug Strength:

Drug Legality:

Drug Form (Time to Effect):


Effect Cost:
Drug feature Cost:
Untimed Side Effect:
Timed Side Effect: Total Side Effect:
Base Cost:EB
Total Cost:EB
Total Difficulty:

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