Friday Night Firefight!
Javascript Calculator by Night Flyer, v.1.1
Point Blank (touching to 1m)
Close (1/4 Long Range)
Medium (1/2 Long Range)
Long (Full Range)
Extreme (2 x Long Range)
  Enter Total REF
  Enter Weapon's WA
  Enter Total Skill
d10 roll needed to Hit
Modifiers: (Check all that apply)
Target Immobile
Target Actively Dodging
Moving Target REF > 10
Moving Target REF > 12
Moving Target REF > 14
Aimed Shot at body location
Ricochet or indirect fire
Blinded by light or dust
Target silhoutted
Turning to face target
Using two weapons
Firing while running
Firing shoulder weapon from the hip
Turret mounted weapon
Vehicle mounted, no turret
Large target
Small Target
Tiny Target
How Long?
Laser sight
Telescopic sight
Targeting Scope
Three round burst
Full Auto
Number of rounds?
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