Programming 101 - by Night Flyer

Programming 101

Java scripting by Night Flyer (version 3.0.1)

For the full breakdown of the rules, refer to pg 157-159 of the Cyberpunk Rulebook
OR Bartmoss' Brainwave Blowout pg.33-35

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Program Functions:

Intrusion Decryption Controller
Utility Interactive Protection
Evasion Detection Alarm
Stealth Disguise Software Editor
Compiler (Demon) Anti-System Anti-Program
Doppleganger Anti-Compiler Anti-Personel

Program Options:

Auto Re-Rez Movement ability Trace
Conversational Ability Noisy ICON (simple)
Endurance One Use ICON (contextural)
Hang Up Pseudo-intellect ICON (fractal)
Invisibility Recognition ICON (photorealistic)
Memory Speed ICON (superrealistic)
  Code Optimization 

Program Strength:


Option Cost:
Time required to write: Hours  
Size of program: MU
Cost if purchased: EB

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