FantasyLand Art Gallery

Small Keep on the Hill Small Keep on the Hill - Copyright 1998 Moonlight Graphics. (Created using Bryce 3d and Adobe PhotoShop 4.)

A secluded old mage lives here, it's quite, it's out of the way and because of this he can get some work done.


Morton - the Hobgoblin Merchant, striking a pose!(Pencil Sketch, modified using Adobe PhotoShop 4 and Paintshop Pro) Copyright 1993 Moonlight Graphics

Morton is a character in long running Palladium RPG 1st edition (as a NPC) and Fantasy HERO games (as a PC)

Bridge by the Sea - Copyright 1998 Moonlight Graphics (Created using Bryce 3d & Adobe PhotoShop 4).

I wonder where that tunnel leads? To treasure or certain doom.

Bridge by the Sea
the Outlook
The Outlook - Copyright 1998 Moonlight Graphics (created using Poser2 and Bryce 3d)

Even Necromancers need to have someone scout ahead.

Nightmare - Copyright 1998 Moonlight Graphics (created using Paint Shop Pro)

This is not the kind of nightmare you dream about... unless you are the Black Knight.

Did You Miss Me? - Copyright 1998 Moonlight Graphics (Created using Poser2, Bryce 3d, Adobe PhotoShop 4)

Don't you hate it when company stops by unexpected?

Did you miss me?
Joshua - Copyright 1987 Moonlight Graphics (Technical Pen and Marker)

A Lycanthrope picture showing the struggle within


"World Famous Prime Rib" - Copyright 1996 (Corel Draw 3)

Inspired by the Steak and Ale billboard, PRiME RiB is the name I use while playing the Interbbs game Falcon's Eye.

(This was also my first attempt at computer generated art)

copyright 1996 Paul Romine & Moonlight Graphics

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