The Naked Dwarf Syndrome

One of the more "annoying" problems with the warhammer FRP system is that a character, usually a dwarven troll slayer, will have such a high toughness rating that, in the buff, he will not be cut by a sword.

Several options have been offered as to how to remedy this, one being change weapon damage, and how points are distributed. all have some sort of variation to that theme.

My solution?

Well the approach I offer fixes two problems: 1) Naked dwarves 2) Leather armor not being worth anything

1) If an attack hits a character, and it does the following types of damage (cut, slash, pierce, or rip) AND the character is not wearing any armor in that location, the characters Toughness will be reduced by 1/2 (rounding up).

2) As leather armor is just that, Armor, so it will protect against the toughness reduction, but still follows the other rules about the amount of damage it can absorb.

NOTE: Blunt attacks and bare fists are not affected

[here is another resolution to the NDS]

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