Warhammer FRPG Errata

Warhammer FRPG Errata from White Dwarf #92

p15	Dwarfs: Add under Psychology:
	Subject to animosity against elves.

p19	Outrider Advace Scheme: Add +1 S

p24	Druid: add at end of text:
	Only Humans may become Druids.

p28	Herbalist: add `Physician's Student' under Career Exits
	(also on p346)

p29	Initiate: delete +10 Int, add +10 Fel

p32	Outlaw: add following as first line of text:
	Outlaws are people who are

p43	Wizard's Apprentice:
	Change Magic Points to 2D4 and 1D4. Add +10 Int and +10 WP to advance

p45	Skill List: 105 should read Sense Magical Alarm, renumber the rest

p51	Fleet footed: delete last sentence, add: 'They add 1 to their M

p53	Manufacture Drugs: change Cure Illness to Cure Disease.

p56	Insert between Seduction and Set Trap:

Sense Magical Alarm. Characters with this skill are able to sense when an
object or area is protected by the Petty Magic Spell Magic Alarm. A
successful Int test is necessary to sense the alarm, and the character
must be within 2 yards of protected area to detect the spell. Note that
this skill does not permit characters to disarm the Magic Alarm.

p59	Clem's character sheet: running rate should be 64 yards.

p75	Parties & Groups: delere  the numbers at the end.

p75	Armour & Encumbrance: change `Toughness x 10' to
	`(Strength + Toughness) x 100'.

p81	Manufacturing Poisons: replace the paragraph `Find Materials' as

Find Materials: - Ingredients for poisons are generally rare and
difficult to find, and you may decide that characters may only obtain
them at certain places (for example, where it is stated in a published
adventure that ingredients for poisons are available). Alternatively,
they might be purchased from a suitable source, such as a NPC Pharmacist
or Alchemist - in this event, most poisons will require D4+1 ingredients,
which are all Rare, each costin 3D10 shilling per dose. Note that openly
buying ingredients for poisons is likely to arouse suspicion.

p83	Gaining Insanity Points:

	Critical Hits: change `is forced to roll on the Critical Hits Table'
	to `takes a Critical Hit'.

	Terror: change `D6' to `1'.

p97	Druidic Priest: add at end `Only Humans may become Druidic Priests'.

p98	Free Lance: change +2 I to +20 I

p106	Torturer: replace `Specialist Wepaon - Whip' with
	`Specialist Wepaon - Flail Weapons'.

p118	Combat Procedure: swap stages 2 and 3.

p118	Parrying: amend paragraph 3 to read:

Weapons suitable for parrying are:

One- and two-handed swords, maces and axes, shields, spears, staves,
flails (with handle).

All parrying-wepaons - bucklers, sword-breakers, left-handdaggers, etc.

p120	Wepaons: add after Fist Weapon:

Whip: The whip is a dangerous weapon in the hands of a skilled
character, and arguably even more dangerous in the hands of an unskilled
character. While it does not cause a great amount of danage, it can
entangle a target on a successful hit. Only a single creature may be hit,
and the target must make a successful Initiative test or become
entangled. Entangled creatures counts as prone targets fr further hits,
and may not attack, although they may attempt a dexterity test each round
in order to free themselves. Range is 5 yards.  (reprinted information is available
in "Apocrypha Now" pg 35, by Hogshead Publishing)

p120	Weapon Modifiers: amend the table to read:

Weapon		Initiative	To Hit	Damage	Parry

Hand Weapon	   -		  -	  -	  -
Knife/Dagger	  +10		  -	  -2	 -20
Spear*		+10/+20		 +10**	  -	  -
Improvised W.	  -10	   	  -	  -2	 +10
Bastard Sword	  -10		  -	  +1	  -
2-Handed Wepaon	  -10		  -	  +2	  -
Halberd*	+10/-20		-10/0**	  +2	  -
Quarter-Staff	   -		  -	  -1	  -
Flail		   -		 -10	  +1	 -10
2-Handed Flail	  -20		 -20	  +3	 -10
Rapier		  +20		  -	  -1	  -
Buckler		   -		  -	  -2	 +20
Left-Hand Dagger   -		  -	  -2	 -10
Sword-Breaker	   -		  -	  -2	 -10
Lance***	  +20		 +10	  +2	 -20
Net		   -		 -10	  -	 -10
Fist Weapon	   -		 -10	  -1	  -
Whip		   -		 -10	  -2	 -20

p121	Body Areas & Armour:

	Insert at end of paragraph 3: `At the GM's option, a character may
	suffer a -10 penalty to I when doing so.'

	Add after paragraph 5: `A character can wear plate arm bracers over
	a sleeved mail shirt or coat, or over mail arm bracers - which gives
	two armour points on the legs. At the GM's option, a character may
	suffer a -10 penalty to I when doing so.'

*** Note: there is a misprint in the Errata: plate arm bracers should
naturally confer 2 points of armour on the arms, not the legs. ***