1936 Lincoln Zephyr Advertisement

This new kind of car conquers all roads, all circumstances of travel. In city or country, on roads good and bad the LINCOLN-ZEPHYR rolls up records of performance.

Ask, as you consider this car, what it offers that other cars in its price field do not. The LINCOLN-ZEPHYR has a 12-cylinder engine-the V-type. Twelve cylinders mean greater smoothness … greater flexibility. And twelve cylinders, here, mean 14 to 18 miles per gallon!

The LINCOLN-ZEPHYR has a unique body structure. This is the only car of its kind. Body and frame are one, welded together, You ride surrounded by steel. And you ride amidships. This car flows along like a sloop in a favoring breeze.

The LINCOLN-ZEPHYR has extra roominess. It is a big car. the wheelbase is 122 inches. The Engine is compact, and interiors thus longer. There are no conventional running boards; seats, like divans, are wider. Three may sit comfortably on the front seat or the back. The LINCOLN-ZEPHYR, finally, has the Lincoln background. It is built in the Lincoln plant. Lincoln precision methods are LINCOLN-ZEPHYR precision methods. Mechanical standards for one are mechanical standards for the other.

Prices are now lower. Convenient terms can be arranged through Authorized Universal Credit Company Finance Plans. Lincoln Motor-Company, Builders of the Lincoln and Lincoln-Zephyr.

LINCOLN-ZEPHYR V-12 This is the car that is priced below its specifications


Thompson Submachine Gun Ad

The Thompson Submachine Gun

The most effective Portable Fire Arm In Existence


The ideal weapon for the protection of large estates, ranches, plantations, etc. A combination machine gun and semi-automatic shoulder rifle in the form of a pistol. A compact, tremendously powerful, yet simply  operated machine gun weighing only 7 pounds and having only thirty parts. Full automatic, fired from the hip, 1.500 shots per minute. Semi-automatic, fitted with a stock and fired from the shoulder, 50 shots per minute. Magazines hold 50 and 100 cartridges.


The Thompson Submachine Gun incorporates the simplicity  and infallibility of a hand loaded weapon with the effectiveness of a machine gun, It is simple, safe, sturdy and sure in action. In addition to its increasingly wide use for protection purposes by banks, industrial plants, railroads, mines ranches, plantations, etc., it has been adopted by leading Police and Constabulary Forces throughout the world and is unsurpassed for military purposes.