Thompson Submachine Gun Ad

The Thompson Submachine Gun

The most effective Portable Fire Arm In Existence


The ideal weapon for the protection of large estates, ranches, plantations, etc. A combination machine gun and semi-automatic shoulder rifle in the form of a pistol. A compact, tremendously powerful, yet simply  operated machine gun weighing only 7 pounds and having only thirty parts. Full automatic, fired from the hip, 1.500 shots per minute. Semi-automatic, fitted with a stock and fired from the shoulder, 50 shots per minute. Magazines hold 50 and 100 cartridges.


The Thompson Submachine Gun incorporates the simplicity  and infallibility of a hand loaded weapon with the effectiveness of a machine gun, It is simple, safe, sturdy and sure in action. In addition to its increasingly wide use for protection purposes by banks, industrial plants, railroads, mines ranches, plantations, etc., it has been adopted by leading Police and Constabulary Forces throughout the world and is unsurpassed for military purposes.